Sonim XP3plus now in Canada on Telus and Bell

US rugged device manufacturer Sonim has announced that its recently upgraded XP3 flip phone, the XP3plus, is now available in Canada on two major networks. In a press release announcing an agreement with Telus, John Graff, Sonim’s chief operating officer says, “TELUS has been a great partner for Sonim rugged devices in Canada. We are excited to see the new […]

Sonim’s XP3 rugged flip phone gets upgraded

New features add plus points to an already impressive old-school backup phone for fieldwork If you want to phone it in old school from the wild, there is probably no better device you can pick than Sonim Technologies’ XP3. Until now that is, because Sonim has just announced an upgrade to its well-renowned rugged flip phone. Appropriately named the XP3plus, […]

Invasive species feature in movie shot in BC’s Okanagan

Invasives is a psychological drama premised on the discovery on an invasive insect. An independent Canada-Switzerland film co-production has been shooting in and around Kelowna, BC, from a script premised on the discovery of an invasive species that could threaten the region’s fruit production. The film’s press release doesn’t go into detail about how this plays out but the theme […]