As a research and field biologist for over 20 years, I have the background and expertise to advise you on ecological issues you might be facing or questions you might have. Curiosity is a seed from which great ideas grow so no question is too small to ask. Also, if you find that navigating through the regulatory compliance process or […]


A technical or regulatory report needs to have statistical and scientific merit. I’m familiar with the essential principles of experimental design and commonly-used parametric and non-parametric statistics, as well as descriptive tools such as ordination, and using tables and charts to summarize data. If you need to play with numbers, I can make them add up.


If your company can’t get technical documents out of the door quick enough to meet the deadlines of regulators, validators and committees, I can help. I’ve written and edited major environmental assessments, traditional ecological assessments, project design documents and countless reports across various ecological disciplines for major industrial developments, highway expansion and re-routing proposals, forest management plans and other projects […]