Text and Data Services

If your company can’t get technical documents out of the door quick enough to meet the deadlines of regulators, validators and committees, I can help. I’ve written and edited major environmental assessments, traditional ecological assessments, project design documents and countless reports across various ecological disciplines for major industrial developments, highway expansion and re-routing proposals, forest management plans and other projects in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and elsewhere. Take my word for it, I can help you get your report in on time.

Life on Earth is incredible in ways that can’t be always conveyed in a table, graph or dispassionate technical report, however. You need text that is as vibrant and alive as the organisms and environments it describes. I have put my passion for the planet on the pages of top-quality science, technology and travel magazines and in marketing materials. Moreover, my keen desire to communicate science has brought me teaching awards and accolades from companies where I’ve trained and mentored staff in topics ranging from statistics to how to identify mosses in the field. If you need someone to bring life to your idea on paper or in front of an audience, or to give a simple answer to a science question, I can do it jargon-free and as soon as possible not ASAP.

Data entry and analysis

Whether it’s for a monitoring program or a research project, a study design must have statistical and scientific merit. I’m familiar with essential principles of experimental design and commonly-used parametric and non-parametric statistics, as well as descriptive tools such as ordination, and using tables and charts to summarize data. If you have numbers to crunch, I’ll make them add up.

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